Crate & Pallet Handling

Are you looking for a way to eliminate costly manual crate handling in your production environment?

Reusable rigid crates, especially folding crates, are being used more and more in the food industry to reduce waste and optimise the transport of empty crates.


As a result, our customers receive washed crates on pallets and must depalletise, unstack, erect and fill the crates, then stack them again and finally repalletise them.


IC-S specialises in solutions for the entire scope of these operations as complete packages or individual components.



We offer:


  • Crate unstackers
  • Crate stackers
  • Pick & place systems
  • Crate erecters
  • Palletisers
  • Pallet stackers and unstackers



Crate erecters

Operating fully automatically, our crate erecters can unstack and open various types of folding crates without any mechanical deformation when switching from one type to another, all at a speed of 800 crates per hour.



Our crate erecters can presently handle the following folding crate types:


  • EPS 13
  • EPS 18
  • EPS 24
  • EPS 246
  • EPS 410
  • Delhaize 812
  • Delhaize 824



View a video of our stand-alone crate unstacker and erecter

View a video of our robotised crate unstacker and erecter

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