Automation & Machine Building

Do you want to automate your production process or have a machine built for you?

IC-S can handle the full gamut of automation projects, as well as the engineering, construction and commissioning of prototype machines.


These projects are worked out in detail in our internal Engineering department.


Preliminary designs are drafted in 2D, and once the order is placed the design is elaborated in 3D in close consultation with the customer and then implemented within the specified budget and time frame.



We execute complex automation and prototype machine building projects in three phases:

Phase 1: Preliminary design study. Here we investigate the technical feasibility, carry out any necessary tests, and develop a high-level design so the customer has a clear view of the components, operation and estimated cost of the proposed solution at the end of the preliminary study (=> go/no-go decision for Phase 2).


Phase 2: Engineering. A Project Engineer is appointed and we start the engineering of your machine or automation system, with periodic reporting to the customer so that the project can be adjusted according to the customer's needs and budget constraints. This leads to a quotation for building the machine or automation system in Phase 3.


Phase 3: Build. Assembly and commissioning of the machine or automation system.



Thanks to the broad scope of our activities in the food sector (meat, fish, chocolate, bakery, convenience, vegetables, potatoes, frozen foods, etc.), we can draw on expertise in different areas to offer solutions that standard suppliers in a particular sector often cannot offer due to lack of experience.


This provides a different perspective, with solutions often coming from unexpected areas.

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